Surviving Metformin

Surviving Metformin: 6 Tips for Coping with Side Effects via

What was your first week on Metformin like?  Horrendous?  Terrible?  Filled with waves of nausea?  The sickest you’ve felt in your life? Let’s reminisce for a minute:  About a dozen years ago, on December 24, I went to the doctor for a routine physical.  Are you envious of my holiday plans?  This was in the […]

Makeup for Women with PCOS

Makeup for Women with PCOS

What’s a girl with PCOS supposed to do for makeup?   I don’t know all the answers about makeup for women with PCOS; but, I’ll tell you what I use and you can go from there.  I have oily skin, and sensitive skin, and dry skin, and perioral dermatitis, and SUPER sensitive eyes, and a host of other […]

How to Earn a College Degree Without Debt

How to Earn a College Degree Without Debt by

In a few months, I will graduate with my 4th college degree (!).  I’ve never had a student loan of any variety nor did my parents pay for my college tuition.  I graduated from college debt-free.  You can do it too! Several family members and other real-life acquaintances have asked me for advice on how I stayed […]

Ask Ra: Can I remove skin tags at home?

How to Remove Skin Tags at Home, via

Dear Ra, I have PCOS  and it brought along skin tags that are all over my neck and armpits.  There’s even a few between my thighs.  Is there anything I can do to get rid of them at home?  I don’t have money to go to a doctor for such a silly thing right now.  They’ve been here for a […]

PCOS and Acne: STOP the Fish Oil

PCOS and Acne

Last year my acne was completely out of control.  It was horrendous, awful, disheartening, and depression-inducing.  I’ve always had acne, but last year it truly was SEVERE.  My whole face felt like a giant eruption and I couldn’t bring my introverted self to voluntarily be around other people with such severe acne. I spent a long time trying to […]

Dealing with PCOS: Three Things You Can Do Right Now

Dealing with PCOS: 3 Things You Can Do to Start Feeling Better Today via

PCOS brings along a train full of baggage.  Once you discover that you have PCOS, you suddenly feel like you must eat only organic GMO-free gluten-free calorie-free vegan locally-produced foods,  exercise for fifteen hours a day, and sleep for precisely 8.75 hours per night.  That’s all while dealing with the maddening amount of body hair (Oh […]

How to Prepare to Teach Relief Society

How to prepare to teach relief society

There are many, many ways to prepare to teach Relief Society.  Over time, you’ll figure out what works best for you.  Me?  I never actually sit down to write a Relief Society lesson until the night before I teach (my mother probably just had a heart attack from reading that–hi Mom!).  However, that doesn’t mean that […]